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Which Plant Makes Paper?

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Paper is an essential daily necessity, which is applied to writing, printing, packing, sanitation supplies and etc. Which plant makes paper? Actually, many plants can be used to make paper pulp, from which paper is made. CNBM is a leading manufacturer of paper pulper machine and paper pulping plant, we helps you to find the answer. There are a lot of factors affects the paper pulping plant.

As we all know, there are many types of raw material for papermaking, such as wood, bamboo, cotton, bagasse, hemp, reed, straw and etc. according to the raw materials, we can divide pulping plant into various types, including wood pulping plant, straw pulping plant, bamboo pulping plant, bagasse pulping plant, reed pulping plant, cotton pulping plant, hemp pulping plant, wastepaper pulping plant, and so on.

raw materials for papermaking

Whether or not any of the above material is used is really depond on the desired paper type and quality. So there are printing paper pulping plant, packaging paper pulping plant, tissue paper pulping plant, industrial paper pulping plant, and etc.

In addition, the cost of harvesting, pulping and preparation are also important factors for the pulping plant.

But except for these factors we mentioned above, what is the core of the pulping plant? The answer is the production equipment of the pulping plant.

Parts of pulping plant

Speak to the paper pulping machine, we have to mention the paper pulping process, in general, there are three common types of pulping process including chemical pulping, mechanical pulping and chemi-mechanical pulping. Different pulping process is generally equipped with different paper pulping machines. Due to the chemical pulping has the widest application around the world, so we take the chemical pulping plant as an example. The chemical pulping process can be divided into many sections including pulp cooking, pulp washing, and other processes. The pulp cooking process and pulp washing process is definitely the core part.

Pulp cooking equipment

The pulp cooking is a vital link of the paper pulp production line. The pulp cooking equipment mainly refers to pulp digester and accessory equipment. Generally, there are three types of pulp cooking equipment, including rotary digester, vertical digester, and continuous tubular digester.

Rotary digester

The rotary digester is rotary equipment for batching cooking. It has advantages of uniform pulp, low liquor ratio, high concentration of liquid, less cooking time, simple structure, less investment and easy to maintain. But rotary digester requires large area, direct steaming, concentration of liquid changes greatly. Generally, apply for small and medium-sized straw pulp plant.

Vertical digester

The vertical digester own features of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, heating uniformity, short boiling time of liquid, easy to control heating temperature and etc.

pulp digester
pulp digester

Continuous tubular digester

  • The continuous tubular digester is widely used in the straw pulping plant. It has many obvious features as follow:
  • Increase the quality of raw materials, especially for straw;
  • Reduce the alkali consumption of straw pulping plant;
  • Fast pulping speed and low steam consumption;
  • The finished pulp has a stable quality.
continuous tubular digester
continuous tubular digester

Pulp washing equipment

The pulp washing equipment is used to wash the non-fiber solvend solved in the cooking liquor or adhered to the fibers, and separate these solvends and fibers to get the clean pulp. Based on various kinds of the pulping process, there is a variety of pulp washing equipment, such as vacuum drum washer, twin roller press, single roller press, and etc.

Vacuum drum washer

The vacuum drum washer has advantages of high production efficiency, high extraction, stable structure, easy to operate, cleanness of pulp washing. It is usually applied to the straw pulping plant. The vacuum washer also has limits in investment and energy consumption, if the water log forms a vacuum state, the installation height should be higher than 10m.

pulp making machine
vacuum drum washer


Twin roll press

The twin roll press has strong applicability, both apply for wood pulping plant or straw pulping plant, it generally has a good effect in hard pulp making, easy to run and less energy consumption. But the structure of twin roll press is complicated, difficult to manufacture. Besides, the roller is easy to damage, which increases the fiber loss. Sometimes, the twin roll press should be equipped with a thickener to have further washing. Many small-scaled paper and pulp mills use twin roll press.

twin roll press

Single screw press

The single screw press is not only used to black liquor extraction of the pulping plants but also used to concentrate bleached pulp or waste paper pulp. Apply for straw pulping plant, bamboo pulping plant, bagasse pulping plant, wood pulping plant and etc. The pulp is concentrated by the single screw press has advantages of uniform dryness and stable pulp yield. The beating degree of pulp fiber is basically not affected.

single screw press
single screw press

Disc filter

The disc filter can be applied to pulp washing, pulp concentration, and white water recovery. It has features of easy operation, flexible installation, and low consumption.

disc filter
disc filter

Displacement washing equipment

The displacement washing equipment is usually used as the last washing after continuous cooking. The displacement washing equipment has advantages of simple structure, less area required, easy operation, less energy consumption, no problem of foam and high washing efficiency.

Let’s back to the original question, which plant makes paper? Based on the rich experience in paper pulping machines manufacture, CNBM thinks that the answer is not only. Because there is many equipment on the market just like we mentioned above. If you want a pulping plant for papermaking, it is better to find a professional paper pulping plant provider. CNBM is a paper pulping plant provider and paper pulping machine manufacturer, we can supply high-quality paper pulping machines and helps you build your pulping plant, and welcome to contact!