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Low-consistency Pulper

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low-consistency hydrapulper

CNBM Low-consistency pulper

  • Pulp consistency: 5%-8%
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, etc.
  • Applications: waste paper pulping system
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Waste paper pulping is the main process of the most paper pulping plant. The paper pulper system is the core that affects the capacity, working efficiency, and stability of the paper pulping production line. The waste paper pulping system can be divided into many types according to pulping equipment, pulp consistency, etc. The low-consistency pulper is the ideal equipment for waste paper pulping.

Low-consistency pulper is mainly used for pulping pulpboard, broken paper, and waste paper. It has advantages of strong defibering ability, wide application, simple structure, convenient maintenance, etc. Besides, low-consistency pulpers both apply for batching pulping and continuous pulping.

Benefits of low-consistency pulper

CNBM supplies hydrapulper including high-consistency pulper, low consistency pulper, drum pulper, and other paper pulping equipment in the waste paper pulping production line.

  • S-type energy-saving rotor has low energy consumption.
  • The grouting room has a built-in flange for easy installation and maintenance.
  • High concentration fragmentation, high fragmentation efficiency.

Specifications of low consistency pulper

Effective volume(m3)101520253040507090
Consistency (%)5-8
Capacity (t/d)40-6060-9080-120120-170140-190220-290300-400450-600600-800
Motor power(Kw)90132185220250315400630800

Structure of low-consistency pulper

The paper pulper machine with a nominal volume greater than 10 m3 generally needs to be equipped with a rope stranding machine to get rid of long impurities, such as plastic packaging bags, rope head, wire, etc.

The low-consistency pulper is generally made up of tank body, rotor, transmission, and other parts. When the pulper tank is filled with half water, start the motor, pulpboard, damaged paper or waste paper are evenly sent into the tank, the pulp after being separated and decomposed will flow out through the screen hole, foreign matter, heavy slag will be collected in the sediment tank and regularly discharged. Due to the special structure of the rotor of this series of hydraulic pulper, when the rotor is rotating, the pulp is thrown from the center to all sides, and the vortex is generated in its center, so that the pulpboard, damaged paper is broken in the wet state. If the paper is not broken, the fiber bundle is further dispersed in the clearance between the rotor and the sieve plate. Due to the special shape of the end of the broken blade, it has the function of keeping the screen hole from being blocked.

The tank body is welded by steel plates, with a conical mouth on the upper part to prevent spluttering, and a steel flange on the lower part to connect with the driving part. The bottom of the tank has a guide plate to make the pulp reflux form circulation. The bottom of the tank is provided with a dredge mouth and a dredge tank to facilitate the discharge of impurities.

The screen plate is under the rotor, there are a variety of specifications for users to choose. The distance between the rotor and the sieve plate is generally 3mm, which can be adjusted.

The pulp level box is a steel barrel, which is connected with the pulp output pipe of the paper pulper machine and is equipped with an adjustable overflow gate to adjust the pulp level of the paper pulper and control the quality of the pulp.