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Drum pulper

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drum pulper

CNBM Drum pulper

  • Pulp consistency: 14%-18%
  • Capacity: 70-1400t/d
  • Applications: paper pulping, waste paper pulping
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Drum pulper is a pulping and screening set in a one-scale paper pulper machine, it is usually used for waste paper pulping, such as newspaper, industrial paper board, mixed waste paper, especially for unpicked waste paper. A drum pulper is used for continuous pulping and rough screening of waste paper materials at a high concentration (14-22%).

It has great economic and social benefits for expanding the recovery and utilization of secondary fibers, reducing environmental pollution, saving energy, realizing the localization of papermaking equipment.

Advantages of drum pulper

Perfect fiber dispersion

In high concentration conditions, waste paper produced a gentle rubbing, friction movement. Drum pulper makes the fiber fully moist and separate, fully retain the strength and length of waste paper fiber, so that the pulp yield is greatly improved.

Excellent pulp quality

Drum pulper can remove the light and heavy impurities such as plastic, foil, and hot melt glue in the pulp. It also makes these impurities be completely removed under the premise of not being cut and broken. Besides, it can also be classified and recycled to reduce the pressure of environmental protection.

Remarkable energy-saving effect

The rotor structure with no strong motion does not need to consume energy in unnecessary stirring and shearing motion, and the energy is only consumed in the rotation of the drum, saving about 50% energy.

Good deinking mechanism

Due to the high concentration of the operation, the chemical action is more strong, steam utilization is more sufficient, so that the ink particles from the fiber surface effectively separated, thus achieving effective deinking.

Reliable continuous slag discharge system

The drum pulper is easy to maintain, the screen hole is not easy to plug, can run continuously for a long time. Because of high slag discharge efficiency, the burden of subsequent purification can be reduced.

Reduce equipment cost

The drum pulper concentrates the pulping and screening functions in one set of the paper pulper, which reduces the burden of the later process and thus reduces the cost of the whole set of equipment.


This machine is suitable for the treatment of waste paper of various grades without being selected under the high concentration condition. It can save the process of selecting waste paper.

Lowest maintenance cost

The drum pulper has a simple and stable structure, only a small number of wear parts, to ensure the most minimal spare parts demand, low maintenance cost.

drum pulper project

Specifications of drum pulper

Drum diameter (mm)Φ2500Φ2750Φ3000Φ3250Φ3500Φ3750Φ4000Φ4250
Capacity (t/d)70-120140-200200-300240-400400-600550-800750-10001000-1400
Consistency (%)14-18
Motor power (KW)132-160160-200280-315315-400560-630630-800800-10001000-1400

Drum pulper working principle

The drum paper pulper has a pulp breaking area and screening area, which can complete two processes of pulp breaking and screening at one time. Waste paper is sent into a high consistency pulping area by the conveyor, under the concentration of 14%-22%, with the rotation of the drum, the paper is repeatedly raised and dropped by the scraper, and crushed to the solid wall surface of the drum, in this way, because moderate effective shear force and the reinforcement effect of the friction between the fibers, waste paper can be separated into the fiber, foreign material and thin film, plastic, gravel, rags will not be pulping. As the drum rotates constantly and tilts slightly, the waste pulp moves along this dip Angle and enters the screening zone through the pulping zone. In the screening area, add diluted water from the drum side, dilute pulp into 3%~4% concentration, diluted pulp pass through the sieve into the pulp pool, light, and heavy impurities were backflushed back to the drum, continue to move forward, discharged at the end of drum.