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CNBM paper and pulper can provide outstanding units for waste paper pulp production line. Our paper pulper system is suitable for various kind of materials, main products covers drum pulper, low-consistency pulper, high-consistency pulper and related devices. Except for these paper pulper for waste pulp making, we also supply paper pulping equipment for wood pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp, cotton pulp and other fibers process.

Based on advanced technology support and strength in production capacity, we have exported a lot of paper pulper machines to many countries around the world, such as Russia, Ukraine, India, Brazil, etc. We promise high performance and one stop service for every client.

Benefits of CNBM paper pulper machine

  • High quality of paper pulper and all parts of units
  • Good performance in ink release and brightness gain
  • Gentle pulping and effective removal of coarse contaminants with minimal fiber loss
  • Reliable operation
  • Wide applications, apply for all kinds of recycled paper and virgin fiber pulp

Applications of hydrapulper

Specifications of paper pulper

Nominal area (m3)101520255101520
Treatment concentration (%)5-810-15
Capacity (t/d)40-6060-9080-120120-17020-2540-5060-7080-100
Motor power90132185220110220310400

NOTE: Part of models only, more sizes are available.

Need to know

Paper pulper machine, also called paper pulper, refers to the machinery used for breaking, dispersion in the paper and pulp industry. To be clear, paper pulper machine process board plate, waste paper, broken paper, or other kinds of materials into pulp.

Hydrapulper is a typical paper pulper machine. Hydrapulper also is known as hydro pulper, is commonly used for waste pulp production. According to the structure, hydrapulper can be divided into vertical hydrapulper and horizontal hydrapulper.

Vertical hydrapulper

The main structure includes tank, rotor (impeller), bottom knife ring and motor. Generally, the circumferential speed of the turntable is 1000m/min, and the diameter of the groove body is 1-6m.

Working principle: Start the motor, the impeller starts to rotate, the slurry in the tank is sucked along the center of the axis and thrown out from the circumference at high speed, forming a violent turbulent circulation. Due to the tearing of the impeller blades and the mutual movement of the slurry layers of different speeds, a huge friction is generated, which makes the slurry intensively decompose and separate the fibers in the wet state, and the fiber bundles are rubbing against each other in the gap between the impeller and the sieve plate, increases the effect of fibrosis.

Horizontal hydrapulper

There are two types: Volt hydrapulper and drum type hydrapulper.

  • The Volt type hydrapulper has a side-mounted rotor and an impurity collector at the bottom of the tank. The other structure is the same as the vertical pulper. This type of pulper can process unsorted waste paper.
  • The drum type hydrapulper can continuously remove non-fiber impurities that are difficult to disintegrate and has a large production capacity. It uses the partition on the inner wall of the cylinder to continuously lift up the paper material, and drops it to the bottom of the cylinder at a certain height, and uses the tearing and shearing effect to achieve the purpose of dissociating fibers. Major impurities are not damaged by machinery and can be easily removed by impurity removal equipment.