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Paper Pulp Solution

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As the raw material of paper, the paper pulp can be processed into various kinds of paper, including printer paper, copy paper, writing paper, security paper, package paper, paperboard, and etc.

According to the use, it can be divided into packaging paper, printing paper, industrial paper, office, cultural paper, household paper and specialty paper.

  • Packaging paper: whiteboard, white cardboard, kraft card board, kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper, tea board paper, parchment paper, sulphite paper, cigarette paper, silicon paper, carbon base paper, PE coated paper, cellophane , oil-proof paper, moisture-proof paper, cellophane paper, aluminum foil paper, label paper, black cardboard, color cardboard, gray board;
  • Printing paper: coated paper, newsprint, light coated paper, light-weight paper, two-side offset paper, writing paper, dictionary paper, book paper, wood-free paper;
  • Industrial paper release paper, carbon tissue, insulation paper, filter paper, test paper, capacitor paper, press board paper, dust-free paper, impregnated paper, sandpaper, anti-rust paper;
  • Office and cultural paper: tracing, drawing paper, art paper, carbon paper, fax paper, printing paper, copy paper, photographic paper, Chinese art paper, thermal sensitive paper, color ink-jet paper, vegetable parchment;
  • Tissue paper: toilet paper, facial tissue, napkin, wet tissue;
  • Special paper: decorative base paper, watermark paper, goffered paper, gold and silver cardboard, silurian paper, security paper.