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Continuous Tubular Digester

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continuous digester

The continuous tubular digester is the main equipment of non-wood fiber pulp making. It can both apply for chemical pulping and chemi-mechanical pulping, sometimes it also applied to the chemithermomechanical pulping and bio-mechanical pulp. Generally, wet-method material preparation is suitable for non-wood fiber, wood shaving and some materials with low density.

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Working principle of continuous tubular digester

According to the capacity of the paper pulping system, a set of continuous tubular cooking digester require one to four cooking tubes. These tubes are mostly grouped by up and down series. The fiber materials enter the first cooking tube through screw conveyor, under the pushing and stirring of screw blades, the materials are fully mixed with chemicals, then they are heated by the pressure steam in the tube. The materials pass through every tube orderly by the scheduled reaction time. Finally, the material is discharged from the last tube, the pulp cooking process is done.

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Advantages of the continuous tubular digester

  • Continuous production, the productivity of the unit area is 5 times more than batching cooking.
  • Stable electricity and steam consumption and no peak load.
  • Obviously decrease the energy consumption and chemical consumption, reduce the pollution and cost of waste liquor recovery.
  • High coarse pulp yield, stable and even pulp quality, clod blow available, suitable for fine pulp and paper making.
  • High degree of automation, high production efficiency, easy to adjust the process, saves cost.
  • Flexible liquid ratio adjustment, less pollution.
continuous tubular digester