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Secrete Of Heat Recovery In Paper Pulp Production

heat recovery system

How to promote the profit of paper pulp production line? Except for the paper pulp machines, paper pulp plant design, there are many other factors affect the profit of paper pulp production, for example, heat recovery is a considerable element for paper pulp plant promotion. Generally, a large amount of heat will be produced during … Read more

How To Promote Benefits Of Paper Pulping Plant?

energy saving tips for paper pulping plant

In the low-carbon economy era, “energy-saving” becomes a vital topic in the paper pulp industry. The paper pulp mill around the word work on the research of related technology and try to reduce energy consumption. How to promote benefits of the paper pulping plants? CNBM is a leading paper pulp machine manufacturer from China, and … Read more

Which Plant Makes Paper?

paper pulping plant

Paper is an essential daily necessity, which is applied to writing, printing, packing, sanitation supplies and etc. Which plant makes paper? Actually, many plants can be used to make paper pulp, from which paper is made. CNBM is a leading manufacturer of paper pulper machine and paper pulping plant, we helps you to find the … Read more

How To Select Equipment For Waste Paper Pulping

waste paper pulping

More and more paper pulp mill adopts waste paper pulping to manufacture paper or paper board, which is beneficial to reduce environmental pollution, save energy and release the resource shortage. Waste paper pulping plays an important role in the development of paper and pulp industry. Due to the differences in the kinds of paper and … Read more

Comparison Of Continuous Tubular Digester And Spherical Digester

comparison of continuous tubular digester and spherical digester

The chemical pulping is most popular pulping process on the market. The pulp cooking machine of chemical pulping can be divided into the batch digester and continuous cooking digester. The batching digesters include spherical digester and vertical digester. Continuous cooking digesters include continuous tubular digester and continuous digester, m and d digester. Non-wood fiber pulp … Read more

Twin Roll Press VS Vacuum Drum Washer: Which Is Cost-efficient?

coat comparison of vacuum drum washer and twin roll press

The twin roll press washer is favored by paper pulp mills because of its large capacity, wide adaptability, high washing efficiency, and small floor space. However, its high price has made some companies hesitate, especially during the construction period. The investment amount has become the focus of the company’s attention. It is often neglected or … Read more

How To Optimize Vacuum Drum Washer?

vacuum drum washer

The vacuum drum washer is a pulp making machine for pulp washing and concentrating. It consists of pulp tank, drum tank, intermediate tank, washing drums, vacuum units, washing unit, and discharge unit. As an essential pulp washing equipment, the vacuum drum washer and other paper pulper machines (pulp digester, blow tank, twin roll press, single … Read more

Continuous Tubular Digester Selection Guide

continuous tubular digester

The continuous tubular digester is common pulping equipment that is suitable for non-wood fiber such as bagasse, rice straw, reed, stalk, and bamboo. These raw materials are characterized by lightweight, looseness, poor fluidity, easy bridging, poor water filtration and easy pulping. The continuous tubular digester is mainly composed of a quantifier, a pre-steamer or a … Read more

Continuous Tubular Digester Overview

continuous tubular digester

The continuous tubular digester is one of paper pulp making machines. It is mainly made up of three parts including screw charging machine, digester, discharging machine. The continuous tubular digester generally applies for neutral sulfite pulp processing and virgin or bleached sulfate wood pulp processing. It is suitable for wood pulp making, in addition, crop … Read more

Advantages of Gravity Disc Thickener?

gravity disc thickener

The gravity disc thickener is a typical paper pulp making machine like digester, drum washer, twin roll press. The gravity disc thickener consists of a tank body, a fan disk, a transmission spindle, an upper cover and a water spray pipe, a sealing device, an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, a speed reducer, and a protective … Read more