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Prospecting of Enzyme for Pulping and Papermaking Industry

Prospecting of Enzyme for Pulping and Papermaking Industry


According to the report “The Market Outlook of Pulping and Papermaking Enzyme Industry 2017-2024”, the global production value of enzyme for pulping and papermaking industry will achieve 22.5 million dollars and the output will be over 9500 ton by 2024. ...
paper pulping machine

What is The Pulp Mill Machine?


What is the pulp mill machine? The pulp mill machine (also called paper pulping machine, or paper pulp making machine) refers to the required equipment for separating plant materials into fiber. There are three main paper pulping processes like chemical ...
global pulp market research 2017

Global Paper Pulp Market Research 2017


Paper pulp is a kind of fibrous material, which is made from the plant fiber with different processing ways. The paper pulp can be divided into many types according to the materials, process methods, processing stage and etc. the pulp ...
paper pulp cooking process

3 Accessory Equipment for Pulp Digester


As we all know, pulp digester works with twin roll press, drum washer, disc filter and other paper pulping machine in the paper pulp production. As the main equipment of pulp cooking process, pulp digester is a big pressure vessel ...
pulp digester for batch cooking

Pulp Digester of Batch Cooking


The pulp digester is a large vessel that is used for paper pulp making. Just like blow tank, disc filter, drum washer, the pulp digester is a necessary equipment of paper pulp production line. Generally, the pulp cooking process can ...

How to Make Pulp


Paper pulp, sometimes called pulp, is made of plant fiber. The pulp is the basic raw material of paper. Generally, raw materials for paper pulp include wood, straw, bamboo, reed, sugarcane, jute, rags, waste paper and etc. According to the ...
what is paper pulp

What is Paper Pulp?


Paper pulp or pulp is a fibrous material that is made from plant fiber with different pulp processing. The major ingredient of pulp includes cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, pigment, resin, pectin, and ash, etc. In general, cellulose fiber is separated chemically ...