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pulp digester

Pulp digester overview


In the paper pulp production process, pulp cooking equipment plays a crucial role as a critical process equipment used to convert fiber raw materials such as wood, reed, sugarcane bagasse, bamoo into pulp. When it comes to pulp cooking equipment ...
heat recovery system

Secrete Of Heat Recovery In Paper Pulp Production


How to promote the profit of paper pulp production line? Except for the paper pulp machines, paper pulp plant design, there are many other factors affect the profit of paper pulp production, for example, heat recovery is a considerable element ...
energy saving tips for paper pulping plant

How To Promote Benefits Of Paper Pulping Plant?


In the low-carbon economy era, “energy-saving” becomes a vital topic in the paper pulp industry. The paper pulp mill around the word work on the research of related technology and try to reduce energy consumption. How to promote benefits of ...
paper pulping plant

Which Plant Makes Paper?


Paper is an essential daily necessity, which is applied to writing, printing, packing, sanitation supplies and etc. Which plant makes paper? Actually, many plants can be used to make paper pulp, from which paper is made. CNBM is a leading ...
waste paper pulping

How To Select Equipment For Waste Paper Pulping


More and more paper pulp mill adopts waste paper pulping to manufacture paper or paper board, which is beneficial to reduce environmental pollution, save energy and release the resource shortage. Waste paper pulping plays an important role in the development ...
palm pulp making

Can We Make Paper Pulp From Palm Fibers?


Oil palm, because its form looks like a coconut, also known as “oil coconut.” The origin is the western and central parts of Africa, and there are a large number of plants in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Since 1926, Hainan, ...

How To Save Water In The Pulp Production?


The pulp and paper industry is a major water user, and it is also a major wastewater discharge. This paper analyzes the water-saving parts of the paper industry and summarizes the basic water-saving technologies and future development trends of water ...
displacement cooking

Displacement Cooking Overview


Currently, batching displacement cooking is one of the energy-efficient cooking techniques in the paper and pulp industry. What do you know about displacement cooking? As a paper pulper machines manufacturer, CNBM can provide the best solution for batching displacement cooking ...
chemical pulping

Do You Really Know Chemical Pulping?


Paper pulping is the first step in pulp and papermaking. It is a vital link to determine the quality of the paper. Only using proper pulping process can produce a paper that meets different quality requirements. As we all know, ...