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Advantages of Gravity Disc Thickener?

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gravity disc thickener


The gravity disc thickener is a typical paper pulp making machine like digester, drum washer, twin roll press. The gravity disc thickener consists of a tank body, a fan disk, a transmission spindle, an upper cover and a water spray pipe, a sealing device, an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, a speed reducer, and a protective cover. It is mainly used for washing and concentrating low-concentration pulp in the pulp and paper industry.

The gravity disc thickener has no need for a vacuum or water leg to operate. High pulp or high water pressure can increase production and ensure stability. The gravity disc thickener is not sensitive to changes in feed flow and concentration, and it is used in a wide range of applications, making it easy to handle high and low free pulp.

Working principle of gravity disc thickener

What is the working principle of the gravity disc thickener? The central spindle of the filter consists of several filter discs. Each disc is composed of 8 segments of the same size and equal area. The sector plate is fixed to the hollow shaft by bolts, and the hollow shaft is connected to the sector plate. In the working process, as the main shaft runs, there is a liquid level difference inside and outside the sector plate, under the action of the liquid level difference; the water in the pulp enters the hollow shaft through the filter screen which is covered outside the sector plate. Through the hollow shaft, flows out from the pipeline, and the pulp is intercepted by the filter screen to realize the separation of the pulp and water. The pulp covering the filter screen is turned out of the liquid surface of the fan-shaped plate. Due to the disappearance of the liquid level difference, the adhesion is lost, and the gravity is lost. Automatic stripping under the action, the stripped high-concentration pulp will overflow into the pool with the operation of the disc to achieve the purpose of concentration.

gravity disc thickener
model diagram of gravity disc thickener

Advantages of gravity disc filter

Compared with the gravity round thickener, the disc thickener has so many advantages.

  • Same nominal area but it is 4 to 5 times smaller;
  • It has compact structure, small space occupied;
  • Convenient fan-tray assembly and disassembly;
  • Reliable operation and convenient maintenance;
  • The high degree of automation, large production capacity, and low power consumption;
  • Under low-concentration conditions, for the screening of lower freeness, shorter fiber, or higher pulp concentration, good pulp after slag removal, such as mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, mash, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, straw pulp and other types of paper pulp, it is suitable to choose a gravity disc concentrator to increase the pulp concentration.
Dewatering area (m2)Occupied area (m2White water concentration ( (kW)
Gravity disc thickener12013.580018.5
Gravity round thickener71.430120037


The gravity disc thickener can filter fine fibers, chemicals, fillers and inks in ginger. Compared with traditional vacuum disc filter, it does not require a vacuum. It does not need to be located on a higher floor, and no need for components such as water leg tubes and distribution valves. Therefore, the structure is simple and the operation is convenient. For low-concentration pulp concentration, the gravity disc thickener can replace the vacuum disc concentrator. It has advantages of the simplified system, the height of the plant can be reduced, the investment can be saved, and multiple rotary concentrators can be replaced by one machine to achieve the goal of same output and concentration, so it is ideal pulp concentration equipment.

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