The Raw Materials Ratio Of Paper

raw materials ratio of paper

The paper is a daily necessity in our lives. As we all know, the paper is made from plant fiber (also called paper pulp), there are many kinds of paper pulp according to different classifications, such as wood pulp, straw pulp, sugarcane bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp and etc. In general, different kind of paper requires various raw material ratios.

As for the applications, it can be used for home use, office use, packaging, printing, industrial use and other fields.

  • Newspaper: mechanical ground wood and deinked waste paper;
  • kraft liner cardboard paper: unbleached pulp, American wasted paper pulp 13#, American wasted paper pulp 11#, Chinese waste paper pulp;
  • corrugating medium: American wasted paper pulp 11# and 12#, Chinese waste paper pulp;
  • kraft paper: unbleached sulfate wood pulp and American wasted paper pulp 12#;
  • white cardboard: bleached wood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp and BCTMP;
  • white board: bleached wood pulp, deinked 37#, 5#, 6#, 11# and 8#;
  • coated paper: bleached wood pulp (50%+ bleached straw pulp);
  • light coated paper: bleached wood pulp and mechanical pulp;
  • writing paper: 15% bleached softwood pulp and bleached straw pulp (deinked pulp);
  • offset paper: 20% bleached softwood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp(straw pulp);
  • electrostatic copy paper: 15% bleached softwood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp;
  • Light weight paper: 15% bleached softwood pulp and polar APMP.


Corrugating medium

Corrugating medium

The corrugating medium is a lightweight paper board, the weight of corrugating medium is between 112-200g/m2. It is mainly used as the core paper of corrugated board.

Most of pulp mills make corrugating medium from semi-chemical hardwood pulp. However, some pulp mills also use wheat straw, sugarcane bagasse, cotton stalk or waste paper as raw material of corrugating medium. The raw material of corrugating medium can be one of these plant fibers or mixture of various types.

Characteristics of corrugating medium

  • Good mechanical strength, long longitudinal cracking, and high requirements for transverse ring pressure;
  • Good fit, the thickness of the paper is uniform, and the moisture is even;
  • Moderate water absorption.

Kraft liner board

Kraft liner board

Kraft liner board is a high-grade board for transport packaging. It is mainly used for the packaging paper box of foreign trade packaging cartons and domestic high-grade goods. For example, kraft liner board is usually applied for transportation and packaging of TVs, refrigerators, bicycles, etc.

  • Kraft liner board is made from 100% unbleached sulphate pulp, by long fiber free beating, hard sizing, without filler, and it is mostly manufactured by fourdrinier board machine or twin-wire paper-machine.
  • According to customer requirements, dye can be added to mix color.
  • Kraft liner board: the surface layer is made of unbleached kraft pulp, and the core layer and the bottom layer are made of waste paper pulp.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a kind of high-grade wrapping paper, which is named after the color of the paper. As one of the common commodity packaging papers, Kraft paper is used for inner packaging of daily necessities, hardware products, textile products, auto parts, etc. It is also used for files such as document, documents pouch, envelopes, and sandpaper. The Kraft paper quality is tenacity and strong, it has good bursting strength and water resistance.

There are single-sided, double-sided, striped and non-striped and other varieties. Kraft paper is commonly made from 100% sulphate softwood pulp, or mixture of sulphate softwood pulp and a certain proportion of other pulp, such as US waste 12#.


Newspaper is mainly used to make culture paper, such as newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic books. Newspaper is loose and light, and it has good elasticity and ink absorption performance. After calendaring, two sides of paper are smooth, no fuzz, with a certain mechanical strength, opacity, very suitable for rotary printing.

Newspaper is mostly made from mechanical wood pulp or semi-chemical pulp. Because newsprint contains a lot of lignin and other impurities, it is not suitable for long-term storage, and easy to damage. Besides, newspaper is also made from waste paper pulp.

Writing paper

writing paper

Writing paper is one kind of cultural paper with a large consumption, apply for forms, exercise books, books and other production. Quality requirements: white and dense, smooth on both sides, close texture.

Raw material ratio: about 10% bleached coniferous wood pulp, other grass pulp or deinking 37# waste paper pulp.

Sanitary paper

Sanitary paper

The raw material of sanitary paper is various, including cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp.

Proper ratio of long and short fibers is the premise of soft sanitary paper manufacture. Long-fiber pulp can endow sanitary paper with enough strength, while short-fiber pulp has a great influence on the feeling of handiness, especially the softness. Strictly control the pulping process. In general, long-fiber pulp must pass the process of beating, and then, sufficient strength will be given to sanitary paper, beating degree can be controlled in 30 ~ 45 ° SR, the short-fibers or waste pulp is mainly relief, along with mild cuting, the beating degree can be controlled in 20 to 30 ° SR.

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