Disc Filter

disc filter
disc filter

CNBM Disc Filter

Both good in economic benefit and social benefit

  • For paper pulp washing or bleaching process.
  • High rate of fiber recovery, low consumption.
  • Various models and sizes are available.
  • Compact structure, less occupied area, high yield.

Disc filter, also known as disk filter, vacuum disc filter, is usually used in washing bleaching system of chemical pulping or chemi-mechanical pulp. From the structure, vacuum disc filter is composed of spindle, tank, distribution valve, disc filter sector, and screw discharger, etc. For the functions, vacuum disc filter is the equipment that takes vacuum negative pressure as driving force for solid-liquid separation, which is widely applied in white water recycle and paper pulp thickening.

CNBM – Leading Disc Filter Manufacturer in China

CNBM manufacture the vacuum disc filter, which is the last generation of white water recovery equipment. As the important equipment for white recovery and pulp thickening in paper making process, disk filter has advantages of energy efficiency (water consumption and fiber loss content) and environment protection. With the great performance, our vacuum disc filter has successfully reached the national advanced standards.

disc filter
disc filter part2
disc filter
disc filter part1

Main Technical Parameters



Disc Dia. (mm) 2500 3500 4500 5500
Per-disc filtration area (m2) 8.5 16.7 26 38
Capacity 0.6-3M3/m3.h (white water recovery)

0.7-1.5t/m3.d (pulp thickened)

Fiber recovery rate (%) >95
Filtrate clarity(mg/L) 20-80
Inlet consistency (%) 0.2-0.6(white water recovery)

0.5-1.2 (Pulp thickened)

Outlet consistency (%) 4-6(white water recovery)

4-15 (Pulp thickened)

MOC SS304 material for parts in contact with product
Vacuum degree (Mpa) 0.02-0.06
Net washing water pressure (Mpa) 0.7
Stripping water pressure (Mpa) 0.7

Series And Specifications:

       Disc QTY ZNH25 ZNH35 ZNH45 ZNH55
Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm)
4 3885*3035*4168
6 4485*3035*4168
8 5085*3035*4168 5510*4100*5361 6319*5450*6060
10 5685*3035*4168 6210*4100*5361 7019*5450*6060 7415*6400*7235
12 6285*3035*4168 6910*4100*5361 7719*5450*6060 8115*6400*7235
14 6885*3035*4168 7610*4100*5361 8419*5450*6060 8815*6400*7235
16 8310*4100*5361 9119*5450*6060 9515*6400*7235
18 9010*4100*5361 9819*5450*6060 10215*6400*7235
20 10915*6400*7235
22 11615*6400*7235
24 12315*6400*7235

Disc Filter Operation Principle

  1. Vacuum disc filter is made up of some individual fan-shaped discs. Each of the discs is a single filter unit, use cover that is made of filter cloth to form a filter chamber.
  2. Vacuum disc filter is driven by a motor connected to the reducer and open gear mechanism. Filter plate turns clockwise, at the same time, vacuum pump produces pressure difference on both sides of the filter medium, which helps the pulp in the filter chamber is attached to the filter plate in the binding domain.
  3. After the filter cake is formed as pulp in the filter plate, mixer rotates to prevent solid of sedimentation, when filter cake leaves liquid level, and it is removed water by vacuum.
  4. Filter liquor through the filter cloth, pass the filtrate pipe, and it is drained from the distributor.
  5. Finally, filter cake fall into discharge chute in the discharge area. The whole operation process is carried out continuously.
disc filter working principle
working principle of disc filter

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