5 Paper Pulper Machine Related To Pulp Quality

paper pulp machine

Paper pulp machine refers to the equipment used to separate plant material into fiber. The paper pulping process can be divided into chemical pulping, mechanical pulping and chemi-mechanical pulping, and the related paper pulper machines include digester, blow tank, vacuum drum washer, twin roll press, single screw press and disc filter, and other equipment. As a paper pulp machine manufacturer, CNBM helps you to find 5 paper pulper machines you must know.

Pulp digester

The common digester is vertical and usually used for fixing a large batching pulp production. The top and the bottom of digester are semi-spherical or conical, and the middle part is cylindrical, and has the advantages of large pulp yield, small area occupied, uniform pulp quality, etc. As for the applications, it is applied to wood pulp making, reed pulp making, straw pulp making and etc.

pulp digester processing

pulp digester processing

The continuous tubular digester is mainly composed of a screw feeder, a digester, and a discharger. The advantage is that the raw material is uniformly cooked and easy to control during the pulp cooking process. The disadvantages include more consumption of steel, difficult processing, and large power consumption. It is mainly used for the production of neutral sulfite semi-pulp, and it can also be used for natural color and bleaching sulfate wood pulp. The raw materials are mainly broad-leaved wood. Straw, wheat straw, bagasse, reed, and other grass materials can also be available.

continuous digester

Vacuum drum washer

Vacuum drum washer is common pulp washing equipment. It is suitable for various kind of pulps such as wood pulp and straw pulp. It is the key technical equipment for the paper industry to solve the wastewater pollution and implement the alkali recovery project. It is mainly composed of a drum, trough and plane, the distribution valve, the washing device, the stripping device, the washing device, the transmission device, and the screw conveyor. The single unit or a group in series are both available.

pulp making machine

Single screw press

The single screw press is mainly used to concentrate the low-concentration or medium-concentration pulp of the second-stage mill to the concentration required for the second-stage high-concentration mill or pulp washing process after the screening or bleaching. The variable diameter and variable pitch spiral gradually reduces the volume of the pulp from the inlet to the outlet and is gradually dehydrated by different compressive forces, and the pulp “plug” is formed at the outlet to increase the pulp concentration. The filtrate which is squeezed outflows out of the machine through a filter drum outside the screw shaft, and the filtrate which is taken off can be diluted according to the use position or discharged after recycling the fiber with a rotary fiber recovery machine. The pulp concentration is 3.5% – 10%, and the pulping concentration is 25% – 35%.

single screw press

single screw press

Twin roll press

The twin roll press is washing equipment which assembles washing, dehydration, substitution, and press with high pulp concentration and extraction yield. It is a black liquor extraction and bleaching washing equipment with advanced functions and high technical level in the world. Twin roll press is suitable for chemical pulp, chemi-mechanical pulp, and waste pulp. The performance of this product is reliable, the operation index has reached the international advanced level, and it can be equipped with the pulp plant that has an annual output of 10 to 1.5 million tons.

condensing equipment

Disc filter

The disc filter is a solid-liquid separation device for the paper pulping process. It uses vacuum as a filtering power to perform solid-liquid separation of the pulp. The machine adopts advanced technology such as filter disc guide frame guidance, variable speed stirring, reverse blown discharge, automatic centralized lubrication, etc. It is excellent and reliable dewatering equipment.

disc filter

According to the experience of large-scale pulp production, the pulping process is different according to different factors such as production scale, raw material and paper type. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively select processes and equipment according to actual conditions and achieve long-term goals of practical, economical and sustainable development.

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